Huntington Plus PPL7L

6-Person Hot Tub

Features: 20" Cascade LED Waterfall, 5.5kW Titanium Heater, Twin Pure Silk System, Dyna Flow Filter System, Fully Loaded Features, Choose your own therapy seat with U-Select™
Dimensions: 84" X 84" X 40 1/2"

This spa provides soothe relaxing comfort with top of the line features that make every spa session count. Choose your jet therapy for each seat, benefit from having your preference. Receive ultimate hydrotherapy from head to toe in the comforts of your own backyard.

*All Platinum Plus Spas are custom built to order. Customers will be able to choose the U-Select design and place it in the seat of their choice. Once the order has been received, the U-Select seats are built directly into each seat and are not interchangeable.

Seating:  x 6

Jets: x Jet count determined by custom U-Select™ seat configuration

Seat Type:

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